A Language for Intimacy

2020 - Present
Reflections is the beginning or the end of an interaction. It is the moment captured in between. It is the ambiguity of the flow that marks the continuity between them, irrelevant of temporal queues. Reflections is about the visceral and the sensory, an encompassing discovery about stimulation of the body as well as the psyche.
Abby and Andre work collaboratively to create a language to express intimacy, as characters of interaction on one side and documentors on the other. The aim is to understand and celebrate sexual expression, driving it forward as a photo narrative. They offer an exclusive look into spaces rarely accessible to the public where sensual interaction occurs, traveling internationally to capture the action of seeing and being seen, a view of intense and gentle pleasure from intersticial spaces. The images offer the warmth and comfort that pairs with the internal experience.
In these encounters, awareness drives the narrative about instinctive human connections. Drawing upon French humanist street photography Henri Cartie-Bresson and Sabine Weiss, the work is an account of the every day contrasted by the fleeting romance of a brief time spent together. They show a softness and tenderness, an understanding of how, what and where to stimulate. Witness how actions reflect one another. And as self-awareness then oscillates how we reflect upon those actions.