A Language for the Sexual Self

2020 - Present
Self-Reflections is the ongoing work of Abigail Div with the aim to harness sexual self-awareness. Common is it to slip into the unconscious and the physical. Rare is it to control and guide the reactions that come in moments of stimulation. This is the objective of the body to be satisfied, but opposition of the drive to find greater insight about the body.

The project utilizes herself as the subject and object in the manipulation of the senses with touch as the focus. Performance and dance interlace in the series as a way to guide Action, Reaction to subsequent Reflection of those events. The desire to satiate opposes the control necessary to guide interspection. It is this dichotomy that enhances the experience, the tension that when elongated taps into the subconscious roots of what brings pleasure. Similar in context to the work in the Reflections series, the collection aims to
Tapping into feminine expression, the body of work draws from the history of self-representation both past and present. Influences like Meryl Meister and Sally Mann's personal work capture moments that are sentimental and intimate, a look into their world of private documentation. While modern works like "Fearless Flowers" by Marcin Jozeicka and "Double" by Rita Lino use the artist's body as vehicle to explore internal personas, often at odds with each other. They trend towards celebrating the nature of personality.